Active Kilitop & Safaris is a unique, independently owned tour operator, dealing exclusively with holidays in Tanzania. Our team of travel experts has firsthand knowledge of what Tanzania has to offer.

Our in-depth knowledge of the country provides an outstanding safari holiday for groups and independent travellers, from majestic mountains, beautiful beaches to untamed wilderness where the timelessness of old Africa pervades.We are closely tied together by a true desire to make your African Vacation with us the very best. Our passion is to take you off the beaten track into the heart of the destination and create lasting travel memories.

Our adventures are accompanied by naturalist guides who have established a new standard of excellence in wilderness travel.They are known for their friendly, caring hospitality and their knowledge of the culture, wildlife, history and ecology of Tanzania. They simply turn holidays into lifetime experiences. Our goal is to offer you an authentic, unique journey that puts you in greater touch with the world around you. Whether you are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, enjoying a hot air Balloon safari in Serengeti National Park or enjoying a beach holiday in Zanzibar, we are confident that you will feel inspired and rejuvenated after a trip with us!

We look forward to sharing our passion for adventure with you and warmly invite you to join us.

 Our Director


My name is Gabriel Nkini, Managing Director, and Expedition Leader. I was born and raised in the Western Kilimanjaro Region and look forward to sharing the wonders and culture of Tanzania. As a young child I dreamed of working on the mountain. Having completed primary, secondary and college education in the Kilimanjaro Region, I have intimate knowledge of the local culture, Mount Kilimanjaro and the wildlife in the National Parks. Over the years, I have been certified in a variety of areas:International Languages Orientation Services Course (ILOS), Certificate in First Aid, Diploma of National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), and Diploma of African Wildlife Management Mweka (AWM),Bachelor’s degree in business administration and Marketing,(BBA) at Mount Meru university. Basic of Monitoring of Evaluation for Researchers & Elementary Statistical package for social science (SPSS). I’ve received a license from the Kilimanjaro National Park to lead tourism on the six existing routes of Mount Kilimanjaro. I have climbed Kilimanjaro more than 300 times and have taken every route. With my education and work experience, I have lead trekkers from ages 6 – 78 and small group from 1 to 30+ people., tours of 1 -10 and individual tours. Please join me for the life time experience trip in Tanzania.

I invited some of the best guides in Safari and Mountain business to join me to form an exceptional team of knowledgeable, enthusiastic & professional Safari and adventure guides.These guides are very passionate about the art of guiding and helping you achieve your goal. They have made Kiltop and Safaris one of the most respected Safari and Trekking companies in Tanzania. Our professional guides are a talented group of Safari guides, climbers, and mountaineers dedicated to provide safe and educational adventures.Each of Kilitop guide has an exceptional resume of Safari and mountain experience and practice their sport at the pinnacle of achievement.

Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Guides

Gabriel Nkini
Gabriel Nkini Tour Leader
Gabriel Nkini is the Managing Director of the company, and Expedition Leader. He was born and raised in the Western Kilimanjaro Region and look forward to sharing the wonders and culture of Tanzania. When he was young, he dreamt of working on the mountain.
Frank Kileo
Frank KileoOperation Manager
Frank Kileo joined his Uncle at Active Kilitop and Safaris in May 2019 but he has worked in tourism industry for 28years. He worked with African Environments ltd in Arusha, a company which has been the ground operator for Big companies in America which include Wilderness Travel.
Samia Asindamu,
Samia Asindamu, Mountain Guide
Samia Asindamu, born and raised on the southwest slopes of Kilimanjaro, lives in Arusha, Tanzania with his family. A professional mountain guide since 1993, Samia is a veteran of many Kili climbs—he has summited Kili more than 300 times and knows all of Kili’s routes.
James Matu
James MatuMountain Guide
James Matu was born in Arusha Tanzania in 1979. After his studies in Ordinary Certificate of Secondary education he engaged himself with soccer and there after started working as a mountain porter with African Environments Tour Company based in Arusha.
Innocent Mmary
Innocent MmaryMountain Guide
Innocent Willington Mmary was born and raised on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro on the Western side in Tanzania. He is a chagga by tribe and speaks Chagga dialects fluently. Swahili is his National Language and he speaks and writes fluent English.
Wilfred Moshi
Wilfred Moshi Mountain Guide
Wilfred Moshi joined Active Kilitop and Safaris 5 year ago. He started working as a porter and through intensive studies; he has awarded a certificate of Mountina Guide and a Mountain guide. He attended a tour Guide School in Arusha and he has First Aid training.