Are you planning on going on safari with kids in your holidays, but not sure what to expect? The problem is universal for every safari faring parent whenever the question of taking kids & toddlers to Tanzania Safari arises. Some parents are quite apprehensive of the facts like:-

  • Fear: – The cries of the babies might attract the attention of the predators.
  • Concerns: – The logistics of breastfeeding, nappy-changing, and bottle-sterilizing in the middle of the African bush is too much to handle.

Seriously, these are some tough as nail questions that are needed to be answered, so let’s go through those ten things that are necessary to look into while taking kids to the safari:-

10 Things Need To Be Considered

  1. Many Lodges And Camps Have Age Restrictions

 So here is the catch, families going on a safari must be aware that although most safari camps & lodges welcome children of all ages, some of them have minimum age restrictions for children coming under the age of 4 & 12 years. If you are booking through a tour operator like Active Kilitop & Safaris then please try to locate and isolate the lodges and camps that have no age restrictions for kids coming for Tanzania Safari Tours.

  1. Many Lodges And Camps Are Unfenced

 Numerous camps and lodges are unfenced in order to keep the entire environment look natural so in case you are coming here with your kids for enjoying the Tanzania Tours And Safaris in a great way that it will be better to avoid any such unfenced camps and lodges during the entire trip. Otherwise, if your kids are wise enough then instruct your kids not to go anywhere alone without permission during the stay.

  1. Know The Malaria Zones & Travel With Proper Protections

The risk of getting malaria is very high in Tanzania and thus, it will be better to avoid all the high-risk zones so it will be better for you to stay armed with mosquito repellent creams to apply on the skin of your kids & covering up their exposed body parts while going for the game drives.

4.    Traveling On Small Planes

Numerous visitors love going for Tanzania Safari on small planes because they are quite affordable than the bigger ones but the problem is they are unpressurized & cramped making your little children very uncomfortable so please take care while hiring a small private jet plane for the trip.

  1. Limited Luggage Allowances

The needs of little children can result in bringing in a lot of belongings such as prams, nappies and plenty of other clothes and so on. Thus, it will be better if you can pack light while traveling on a small aircraft with a lot of luggage restrictions.

  1. Travel With Private Game-Drive Vehicles

Several accommodations inside the Tanzania safari parks insist that families with young children must hire private game drive vehicles. It gives the advantage of returning back to camp whenever you feel that your young kids have had enough of the game drive. All such private game vehicles also help a lot to avoid making nuisance to other safari guests because of a baby.

  1. Be Safe On Dust, Heat, Restrooms And Bumpy Roads

It will be quite great if you can prepare your kids beforehand for staying safe in dust & heat of the safari parks including the bumpy trail roads. Also, instruct your kids to use the African restrooms using water while washing their backs.

       9.Kids’ Clubs Or Babysitters

Only a few lodges and camps have full activities, facilities, and minders for young children. So go for a tour operator such as Active Kilitop & Safaris by heeding the Tanzania Travel Advice.

  1. Make The Safari Schedule As Per Babies

As adults, you will really have no problem for waking up early in the morning for pre-dawn game drives. But when it comes to babies, you have to change the schedules as they will need longer sleep cycles as they can’t adapt to a changed situation.